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La Confianza is a distinct and proud example of a Salesforce. An ISV & AppExchange® program partner company providing the best business CRM and custom cloud solutions within a limited budget. With an honest and dedicated staff, La Confianza has navigated and completed many international IT programs in different fields. 

This blog post shares successful strategies that La Confianza utilizes to ensure success in Salesforce, and is helpful for consultants seeking to replicate the process.

Project Initiation

Key Activities: Review Scope, Architecture & Approach
Key Outcome: Signed Off Scope, Architecture & High-Level Plan

The initiation phase is very important in the development as it will lay the framework for the project. La Confianza starts with a deep analysis of the project’s field, structure, and scheme. Consultation includes planning sessions with different stakeholders to agree on the goals of the project and what should be accomplished on the project. This results in a scope confirmation, an architectural model, and an outline that frames the following phases of the project.


Key Activities: Review Backlog, Finalize Sprint Items, Duration, Team & Environments
Key Outcome: Detailed Delivery Plan

It is crucial to have proper planning to ensure that any Salesforce-led process is implemented effectively. La Confianza is always careful to go through the backlog and complete some work by prioritizing them and ensuring all the items in the sprint are worked on. The team also decides how long a sprint should take, assigns resources, and creates the appropriate environment. The end-product generated is a delivery plan that addresses the time frame for completion of the project, activities, and expected deliverables.


Key Activities: Design, Configure/Code/Test, QA
Key Outcome: Tested Code Set

In the implementation phase, La Confianza concentrates on aspects like solution development, configuration, coding of Salesforce, and testing. Quality assurance (QA) is a critical activity during this phase since the code review process must be perfect. In implementing Salesforce, La Confianza can stay on top of the best standards in coding and testing, allowing the company to implement a highly efficient system.

Review & Fix

Key Activities: Review Solution Build, UAT & Fixes
Key Outcome: Deployable Code Set

After the initial implementation, a thorough review of the solution build is conducted. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is carried out to gather feedback from end-users. Any issues identified during UAT are promptly addressed and fixed. This iterative process ensures that the solution is fine-tuned and ready for deployment, resulting in a deployable code set that meets user expectations.


Key Activities: Planned Incremental Releases
Key Outcome: Enhanced Working Solution, Code Base

La Confianza follows a plan of successive releases in deployment. This is a safer approach that reduces the risks that might be associated with making too many changes to the working system. Everyone is very careful in their plans and actions to maintain the development and updating of the solution according to the consumer’s and the business’s needs. The idea is to have a better working solution and the updated code which can be further improved regularly.

Delivering Premium Services

Currently, La Confianza is a CRM and custom cloud solutions company that specializes in creating value for its partners at a low cost. The team has shown dedication and professionalism consistently and is a force behind the successful implementation of IT programs at the global level across different domains. By adopting these best practices, not only does La Confianza obtain successful results with Salesforce; but it also provides a model for other consultants to emulate.


Being punctilious and sticking to the best practices, La Confianza has received a good result using Salesforce. Every step – starting from project conceptualization, planning, development, testing, and implementation – is carried out methodically. Through discussions of scope, proper planning, implementation of sound solutions, and useful reviews, La Confianza can guarantee the effectiveness of Salesforce projects. 

For professional help and consultation, customers can turn to la Confianza, which is an official partner of Salesforce. You can contact our experienced team through the email address: sales@laconfianzatech. com to learn more about its services and how it could help you with your needs.