This blog focuses on how we recently helped a top-tier US healthcare client to implement an integration between Salesforce and NetSuite through the Workato

As the world enters the era of digital transformation, healthcare organizations are no exception in experiencing certain difficulties, one of which is organizing sales orders effectively. It is essential to consider several systems for smooth work, but the use of conventional integration tools can be challenging and time-consuming. 

This blog focuses on how we recently helped a top-tier US healthcare client to implement an integration between Salesforce and NetSuite through the Workato integration platform, with a particular focus on work automating the sales order creation process and synchronizing the data bi-directionally.

The Challenge: Streamlining Sales Order Creation

Our client, a leading company in the USA healthcare industry, used Salesforce for their sales processes and NetSuite for managing their finances and orders. However, the two main systems needed to be integrated, and therefore the following problems arose which affected the processing of sales orders; errors and delays due to manual data entry. They needed a solution that could: 

1. Ensure that sales orders are automatically generated in NetSuite from Salesforce.

2. Minimise errors and avoid over-reliance on manual data input and processing.

3. Synchronization of customer records in Salesforce if there are any changes in Netsuite.

4. These objectives are feasible to accomplish in the short term without much coding.

The Solution: Leveraging Workato for Low-Code Integration

To solve these issues, we used Workato as our smart integration and automation platform. Due to Workato’s low-code/no-code interface, the integration was built and deployed in a short time — no traditional, time-consuming integration work. Here’s how we did it:

1. Sales Order Creation Automation

With the help of Workato, we connected Salesforce and NetSuite, and, as a result, sales order creation was automated. In this step, after a deal is closed in Salesforce, Workato automatically creates the sales order in NetSuite accordingly. This automation also helps to ensure that the creation of sales orders is fast and accurate, thus eliminating other issues such as delays in the process.

2. Bi-Directional Sync for Data Accuracy

As one of the major highlights of the implemented solution, there is two-way integration between Salesforce and NetSuite. All the modifications done to the customer accounts in NetSuite are synchronized into Salesforce. This is done by creating and maintaining a custom field in the Salesforce Account record that is kept in sync with NetSuite. This bidirectional synchronization guarantees that both systems have accurate current information, thus improving data quality in business decisions.

The Impact: Efficiency and Future-Readiness

The integration had a profound impact on our client’s operations, delivering several key benefits: The integration had a profound impact on our client’s operations, delivering several key benefits:

Enhanced Efficiency

By automating the creation of sales orders, there was no more need for manual entry of data, making processing faster and reducing errors. Due to this increased efficiency, the client’s sales and finance people were able to devote more time to working on important and valuable projects instead of paperwork.

Improved Data Accuracy

The synchronization made it possible to continuously update customer account profiles in both Salesforce and Netsuite. Such accuracy is very important, especially when it comes to dealing with customers and making informed business decisions.

Scalability and Flexibility

The low-code/no-code platform that was offered by Workato allowed for the necessary flexibility to manage and expand the integration. Subsequent improvements or changes can be easily built into the system without having to redesign a lot of code, thus making it possible to continue delivering solutions that meet the client’s future requirements.

Future Opportunities

With accurate and synchronized data, the client now has a clearer point where future opportunities can be located and seized. The changes to the Account records in Salesforce allow for better forecasting, targeting of customers, and opportunity management to further business.


The project with the US healthcare client is a perfect example of how advanced integration solutions such as Workato can effectively work. The use of low-code/no-code solutions can provide organizations with end-to-end integration, improved performance, and accurate data implementation without the same level of complication as implementing IT solutions directly. While going further along the path of digital transformation, such strategies will be instrumental in maintaining relevancy and addressing market challenges for various companies.

Connecting Salesforce with NetSuite via Workato not only addressed my client’s current issues but also created a path for more growth. It is a very good example of how integrated solutions can significantly transform business, spur performance, and produce improved results in the healthcare business and other industries.

We hope this case study provides valuable insights into the potential of low-code/no-code integration platforms. If you’re considering a similar transformation for your organization, For professional help and consultation, customers can turn to la Confianza, which is an official partner of Salesforce. You can contact our experienced team through the email address: sales@laconfianzatech. com to learn more about its services and how it could help you with your needs. Let’s revolutionize your operations together!